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Flexible Partnerships

With us at your side, you don’t have to do data work on your own. 

Our evaluators lend collective expertise to tackle data challenges of any size, from bite-sized projects to large-scale evaluations. As seasoned practitioners, we embed into organizations with minimal start-up time and continually work to demystify data throughout our time together. 

Let's discuss how our on-demand, flexible partnerships can offer a new angle on already collected data or help shape future strategies. 

Make the case for programs

  • Literature reviews

  • Needs statements

  • Data visualization for marketing materials, presentations, dissertations, webpages, funder reports, decision making, & strategic planning

  • Feasibility assessments

  • Need & asset mapping

Plan based on mission

  • KPI, organizational effectiveness, and grant report support

  • Logic models & theories of change

  • Performance management

Build capacity

  • Training and technical assistance materials

  • Toolkits

  • Evaluation capacity building training

Optimize current

  • Analysis of data already on hand 

  • Analysis of data gaps

  • Synthesis of technical reports into user-friendly products, such as slidedocs and key takeaways

Evaluate to inform decision making, measure quality, and understand change

  • Evaluation planning

  • Surveys

  • Focus groups

  • Interviews

  • Photo analysis

  • Program record analysis

  • Document review

  • Evaluation reporting

Manage data for accuracy & efficiency

  • Data entry

  • Data cleaning and checking

  • Database creation or refinement

Mine for meaning

  • Data parties and sense-making sessions

  • Participatory approaches that include all levels of staff and beneficiaries/clients

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